Susan Fox Bay Area Life CoachTypes of Coaching

Career coaching

As your career coach, we can look at what you really want to do for work, how to improve your current career, or examine options you may be considering. I will help you to explore your situation from different perspectives and come up with a strategy for pursuing whatever direction you decide to take. Do you want to find a career that gives you more fulfillment? Are you re-entering the work force? Do you want to be more effective as a manager and leader?

Business, Executive, and Leadership coaching

In today’s workplace, managers and leaders need a wide range of skills to be effective and successful. As your business, executive or leadership coach, I can help you improve your communication and people skills as well as work with you to manage your time effectively so you can accomplish your goals and live a balanced life.

Health and wellness coaching

We can focus on reducing stress, creating more balance in your life, making healthy diet choices, and finding an exercise program you’ll follow so you can improve your health and feel better. You may be interested in “Walk and Talk” coaching, where I coach you while we go for a walk. When you are feeling fit and trim, you’ll have more energy, feel more comfortable in your body and feel better about the other areas of your life too.

Time Management

Learn to be more effective during your day. I have helped people “add” hours to their day by managing their time, prioritizing, getting organized, and eliminating activities that aren’t helping them get what they want. What would you do if you found yourself with more time during your day? How would your life be different if you felt organized, timely, and more in control?

Couples coaching

You will have an opportunity to explore the dynamics of your relationship. Through coaching you will better understand each other’s perspective, needs and desires, and expand your understanding of each other. We will look at how you can support each other in times of conflict and make your relationship grow. Once you agree on a vision of how you want your relationship to look, you can take the steps to get there.

Confidence building

Using NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), this type of coaching works on your “inner game.” We can take the confidence you have in one aspect of your life and bring it to another area where you want more confidence and trust in yourself. I’ve had terrific success with NLP for CEOs and executives who do public speaking, managers and individual contributers who make presentations, and those who are successful in their careers and want to be equally successful in social situations.

Coaching for teenagers

Teenagers deal with a variety of stressors ranging from family relationships, to expectations at school, to peer pressure, to the pressure they put on themselves. We can come up with strategies for reducing stress and anxiety and set goals for the future so teens can begin to take control of where they want their lives to go.

Coaching for parents

Learn to be more effective and actually enjoy parenting. Once we clearly define your goals as a parent and your vision for your relationship with your child(ren), we can come up with strategies and steps you can take to be the parent you want to be. As a parent of a boy and a girl as well as a coach for many parents, I can use both personal and professional experience to help you be a successful parent.

Athletic and test performance

Using the latest brain technology, we can take the confidence you have in one area of your life and “program” your brain so you can access those capabilities whenever you want to perform at your best. We will use NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) so you can control when you want peak performance for athletic events and tests. I’ve had a lot of success with athletes and students.