Here's what my clients say about my Life Coaching:

“Since I’ve been meeting with Susan my life is going so much better! I cannot recommend Susan more highly. She will change your life!”—Melissa D., Mountain View

“Susan helped me create a step-by-step plan to follow-through on a significant career change. The coaching sessions have helped me stay on track, provided encouragement and helped me stay motivated.”—John B., Fremont, CA

“Susan has a true gift for helping people tap into their own insight and wisdom. I gained a much deeper understanding of myself and my relationships. With Susan’s help and a shift in perspective, my relationships have become more open, honest, genuine, rich, and enjoyable.”— Chris A., Palo Alto

“Since I started working with Susan, I have a new job that I love, I’ve completely organized my house, I lost ten pounds, I’m exercising three times a week, and I’m in the best relationship I’ve ever had. It’s been absolutely amazing. I can’t recommend her coaching enough.” —M.A.J., Menlo Park, CA

“Susan is an exceptionally intuitive and well-organized coach. Her powerful questions are always right on target to help me stay focused on my goals. She has an uncanny ability to read between the lines and understand what makes me tick! Her keen observations have provided me with a number of helpful new insights.” —Nanci H., Danville, CA

“Susan did this incredible (NLP) exercise with me that actually got rid of all the anxiety I was feeling about speaking in front of a group. It really worked!”—Linda W, M.D., Denver, Colorado

“Susan, you’ve been my saving grace. Thank you for the gentle but firm nudges. I’m moving forward and making progress.”—S.C., San Francisco, CA

“Susan sees things from many different angles and can handle complexity. Her psychology training and deep yoga experience made her uniquely qualified to help me make some tough life decisions.” —Andrea S., Palo Alto, CA

“I’ve had the good fortune to be coached by Susan Fox. She’s smart, supportive, and insightful. Having Susan on your side is a great advantage. I whole-heartedly reccomend her.” —Eric N., Ph.D., Sacramento, CA

“Susan Fox revolutionized my relationship to health and wellness. With her deeply committed listening and gentle but highly intuitive questioning she helped me create a fitness routine that has STUCK and with RESULTS.” —Mary Beth A., Seattle, WA

“Susan is an insightful and fun coach. I really enjoyed working with her. She asked great questions that made me think and see things from a perspective that ultimately led to a great career change.”—Meredith L., San Francisco, CA

“Susan has an incredible capacity to be present and sensitive. she is supportive, encouraging and motivating, which has been great for my self development.” —Kirk A., San Jose

“Susan Fox helped me jump start my life again!  I knew I had found a source of support & professionalism when we started working together. The skills and techniques Susan shared are practical and easy to utilize. The greatest gift that Susan brought me is more positive ways of being with myself. With her insights, feedback and folllow up notes on our sessions, Susan brought me to that place in me, that is strong and able to practice more mastery in my own life. Thanks, Susan, for bringing me closer to my Source.” —Mary M., Palo Alto

“Susan listens with an open heart. Her genuine understanding builds a natural rapport with her clients. After working with her, I am more focused and ready to embrace the challenges that lie ahead.” —J.E., San Carlos, CA