What is Life Coaching?

Get more balance in your life with coachingLife coaching is about where you are now and where you want to be. I will help you clarify your goals, look at what is keeping you from accomplishing them, and determine what steps will move you forward. When we come up with a strategy for meeting your goals, I will help you get the tools and resources you need to succeed in reaching them.

Accountability and Life Coaching

Our regular communication will help to keep you accountable so you can succeed in creating the changes you want in your life. With regularly scheduled life coaching sessions, you end up following through each week with whatever steps you agreed to take and changes actually happen: People find new jobs, clean up living and working spaces, get in shape, and finish projects. That’s the part that’s so exciting! Many of us know what we need to do to be happier, but it’s hard to motivate and actually take the steps. My clients are constantly telling me how amazed they are to be doing things they’ve wanted to do for years but could never make them happen.

It’s all about you!

Unlike other relationships you may have, life coaching focuses completely on you, what you want, and how you can get it. I will help you come up with your own answers for creating the changes you want in your life.

What to expect

Our first meeting will include a one-hour life coaching session plus a half-hour intake. We will explore and discover what’s important to you, and what successfully motivates you. After the first session, you’ll have a clear understanding of your goals and I will have coached you on one of those goals. Then, together we’ll create a life coaching plan that will work for you.

Life Coaching Logistics

The best way to benefit from coaching is to commit to a minimum of three months. Life coaching sessions are 50-55 minutes long, and can take place over the phone or in person. I also offer a “Walk and Talk” option, where I coach you while we go for a walk. Between life coaching sessions, you can take advantage of additional communication through email to support you and provide momentum and accountability.

NLP and Life Coaching

I am also trained in NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), which can help you overcome fears and limiting beliefs. We can use NLP, Hypnosis, and Psychology techniques to deal with obstacles you’ve been experiencing so you can move forward and reach your goals. While we do spend some time on the “problems” you may have experienced, we spend more time on the solutions. In therapy, the focus is often on why you are the way you are. In life coaching, we are focusing more on how you will achieve your goals.